Overdue Update!

Sorry we haven’t kept you all updated over the past two months – build season and competition prep distracted us! We’ll be heading down to San Antonio tomorrow for the Alamo Regional FIRST Robotics Competition. Still a few loose ends to tie up tonight, but we’re excited to compete!

Here’s some details about what the CANs have been up to since the end of January:

  • We designed, built, and bagged a robot with an almost complete 3rd level corner climbing mechanism and not so complete disc system designed to help support our alliance.
  • We hosted our 6th annual “Austin Robot Roundup” end of Build Season Practice Event. We hope it was beneficial to the 11 teams who joined us!
  • We submitted what we think is our strongest Chairman’s Award Essay to date – in addition to Woodie Flowers Award and Dean’s List Award entries and our Business Plan – for Judging at Alamo.
  • We’ve been working on a 2nd robot to help us finish our designs and make adjustments that we’ll bring with us to Alamo as our 30lb allotted carry-in limit. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten as much driving practice in as we had hoped!
  • We’ve been refining and hosting CAN (Careers, Academics, & Networking) Talks – http://cantalks.org/about.html. We hope that teams will be able to attend these talks with us in the future!
  • We’ve been spirited! We updated our mascot costume (just a little) and made three really awesome button designs. We hope Alamo teams will like them! We’ve also worked on our pit display.
  • We’ll be wrapping up preparation tonight, packing during the day tomorrow, and then sending down our load-in crew ahead of the rest of the team, who will arrive on Thursday morning.

We’re so excited to see and compete with all our friends at Alamo this week!  Best wishes to all teams competing at Week 5 events! Safe travels all! :)

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