Week 2 & 3 of Build Season

First, we have a disappointing announcement. We made the decision to drop out of the Orlando Regional. The plan was for the team to stay at Disney World and visit the parks for a few days following the regional. Unfortunately, we were not able to raise all the money in time – it’s a really expensive trip for 30-some people. We’re aiming to continue raising and saving money so that we will be better prepared to make this trip happen next season.


It’s almost the end of Week 3! We’ve made lots of great progress, but we still have so much to do!

We’ve focused our attention on the challenging level 3 climb (on exterior corner) and being a support bot (scavenge off the ground and low feeder and feed discs to alliance partners). The team came up with some really interesting designs that we’ve run with. There’s been lots of prototyping and CADding and we’ve made great use of our 3-D printer as well. We’ve made sure to have strategic design and contingencies built in should we not reach our goals.

Since the end of week one, we’ve had team members practice driving our test drive base. For the first time ever, we’re building two robots so that when we bag up the official one, we’ll have an identical copy available to practice with. We’ve had a few hangups putting together the VEXPro drive bases we selected – the recommended parts specifications were not right for our selected configuration – but we have things under control now and should have both fully functional in the next day or so.

Our Business and Marketing division have made great progress. We have just a little more editing to do on our Business plan. The Chairman’s Award essay is going through some additional work and revision until we’re satisfied.  Thankfully, with Alamo being a week 5 event this year, we have even more time to prepare our Chairman’s presentation and video.  Lots of interview footage has already been collected for the Chairman’s video. Team members and mentors have also been busy preparing our Woodie Flowers Award and Dean’s List Award submissions. In addition, we designed 3 great buttons and have made almost 1000 buttons total. Here’s hoping we qualify for Championships so they won’t go to waste!

Have a great 2nd half of build season, everyone!

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