VEX Students

 VEX teams are small and dynamic, with each team designing, building, programming, and competing with their own robots. (We also help each other out when needed!)

The ausTIN CANs VEX crew is comprised of the following teams.

Look for them to appear at tournaments around the state!

2158A:  Ben Cochran, Drew Deaton, Andrew Seiler

2158B:  Greyson Willett, Sam Rosenblatt, Asher, Jason Brown, Stormy Koger

2158D - Arjun Reddy,  Shaun George, Cooper Thompson

2158E - Alexander Webster, Alexander Garana, Cyrus Deeds, Joss Dean, Brady Stovall

2158K:  David Easter, Jake Mendelssohn, Gretchen Schulke

2158R:  Arrash Setayesh, Eric Garcia, Mauricio Hernandez

2158S:  Jacob Vasquez

2158V:  Cenna Noble, William Chomel, Rosalyn Conry, Keith Irby, Benjamin Jeffrey, Kelly Grant

2158X:  Jonathon Rogers, Gage Smith, Malik Rawashdeh 

Class Team 1 - Daniel Boone, Safi Khan, Sky McDaniel and Rithin Vishwas

Class Team 2 - Benicio Molina, Elton Torres, Yanson Arline, William Tran, Mateo Marin, George Urban 


The ausTIN CANs are gearing up for this year's VEX season!

Look at the calendar to see which events we might be attending.

(Teams register for tournaments on an individual basis after consulting with their mentors.)