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Help Us Get to St. Louis!

We’ve been qualified to attend the FRC World Championship this year, but we need your help
to get there. Please watch the video below, share, and most importantly, donate, to help get as much of
our team to St. Louis as possible!

As a side note, we’re undergoing a major reconstruction of our website. A fair
amount of information relevant to the team will be down for the next week
or two. In the meantime, pay a visit to our Facebook page,
or our Twitter feed.



Help us move that bar all the way to $19,000 by clicking or shopping at with the attached coupon. Thanks, and don’t forget to

If you’d prefer to mail in donations, address envelopes to ausTIN CANs Supporters, 8127 Mesa Drive B206-254, Austin, TX 78759, with checks made out to ausTIN CANs supporters. Thanks!