Mini Maker Faire 2015!

Hey all, we’ll be at the Mini Maker Faire this year, with some really cool demos. Not only will we have our FRC robot, plus some VEX robots, but we’ll be bringing our NAO fashion models along as well! (picture below for those not yet excited)
You can find us at the Palmer Events center, with a ton of other makers from around Austin, on May 16th to 17th, from 10:00am to 6:00pm. There are buttons below to add the event to your calendar if you’d like a reminder.
Aside from robots, you can expect all sorts of technology projects, art, crafts, food, and plenty of hands on interactive exhibits. Go ahead and join the thousands already signed up – we can’t wait to see you there.

Champs and Camps

It’s that time of the year again. We’ve just returned from our first regional competition, in San Antonio, as finalists! After our six-week long build season, plus time spent afterwards working on getting in driver practice, and preparing other competition materials. We’re incredibly excited to have learned so much along the way, and been so successful.
We’re looking forward to our next regional, at Lubbock, and beyond that world championships. Last year’s successful season pre-qualified us for the world championship competition this year. While we’re incredibly excited to attend, it’s an expensive venture, and like last year, we’re looking to the community for help.
If you want to make a difference for the next generation of engineers, scientists, programmers, and roboticists, click the button below to donate. If you have a future engineer, scientist, programmer, or roboticist that you know, follow the other button to learn more about our summer camps program, an awesome way for kids grades 5-12 to get an awesome introduction to the world of robotics.

Launching: Parent’s Night Out

We’re launching a new project, aimed at not just raising money, but also spreading our team’s total reach. Parent’s Night Out, a four-hour camp that gives kids K-6 a chance to take part in some robotics demos, eat pizza, and watch a movie with team members, will kickoff on Friday, December 5th, at Anderson High School.
You can signup now here, and if you have any questions, email us here.

Games, talks, and trainings!

First blog post of our already fantastic season!

We’ve only had a few meetings so far, mostly centred around learning about all of our new members (25!). We’ve also played a bunch of engineering games, as metaphors for our build season (i.e. assembly line game for efficiency, high-stress environments, teamwork, and problem-solving). We’re doing a water game this Thursday to prep for the upcoming 2015 game – #WATERGAME2K15!

This week we also kicked off our CAN (careers, academics, and networking) talks for the year, featuring Dr. Fritz Benedict from UT’s McDonald Observatory. Dr. Benedict is a senior research scientist and has logged the most hours on NASA’s Hubble telescope. Dr. Benedict discussed the importance and current applications of robotics in space exploration and discovery. For more information on CAN talks, or to watch archived talks, click here.
We’ve had a great start and are excited to see the progression in the coming weeks!