CANs advance to Playoffs in Greenville FRC event

So proud of our FRC team who had a great tournament in Greenville and wound up chosen as the #7 Alliance partner to advance to Quarterfinals. Here is the Blue Alliance summary for all the specs! It was good to see some familiar teams there, as well as getting to meet and compete with some new faces.

We were honored to be awarded the Imagery Award at the tournament as well. Congrats to our CAD team for that!

We will be eagerly watching the rest of the FIRST in Texas results as we are hoping to earn a spot at the District Championship next month. More to come soon!

CANs Host VEX Middle School Championship

Once again, Anderson High School has opened its doors to host an important tournament in the robotics world. Several teams from middle schools across the area converged at Anderson High School for the chance to advance to the world competition next month.

Members of the CANs teams served as volunteers, including refereeing matches. Many thanks to all the local parents who helped as Judges or worked to assemble/ tear down fields, run concessions, and cheer on these great teams.

Complete event information can be found here.

Congratulations to Bailey Middle School for winning all the berths at *Worlds! Have fun in Kentucky and we will be cheering for you from Texas!

*Excellence Award: 83009F, Bailey Middle School

*Tournament Champions: 83009B, Bailey Middle School

*Tournament Champions: 83009C, Bailey Middle School

Design Award: 8512C, Murchison Middle School

Judges Award: 83009C, Bailey Middle School

Robot Skills Champion: 83009G, Bailey Middle School

CANs take a well deserved break from their duties

CANs take a well deserved break from their duties

VEX Regional Championship

The ausTIN CANs had 5 VEX teams qualify for the Southwest Regional VEX Championship tournament held in Kerrville on 2/23/19. It was a dramatic finish that sadly ended with none of our teams advancing to Worlds. Tournament information can be found here.

We wish all the best to the teams that will represent our area of Texas at the next level of competition.

In the meantime, we will strive to ensure that our hosting of the Middle School Championship is a good experience for all involved. Stay tuned!

VEX Signature Event Night at the Museum

ausTIN CANs VEX team 2158K participated in the VEX Robotics Signature Event in Chantilly, Virginia in January 2019. What a tournament! There were robots from across the country, and they made for some amazing competition.

Signature Events are new in the VEX system, and this is the first one that ausTIN CANs members have attended. Team K qualified for the event by winning at the Houston Maker Faire in October, and they were in the company of several other tournament winners in D.C.

DC infographic.png

Traveling to a national event was interesting. The team planned ahead with their parent chaperones and everyone was excited to stay in the nation’s capital for an extra day of sightseeing/ college visiting. However, there was a small matter of an extended government shut down that interfered with the best laid plans. The venue (the National Air and Space Museum, part of the Smithsonian) was closed. In a logistical frenzy, the hosts were able to secure an alternate venue and the tournament was able to proceed. Sightseeing plans were scrapped, and K was just happy to have a chance to compete. Robot and tool boxes/ tournament supplies were creatively packed for air travel and off we went.

The tournament set up was amazing. An army of volunteers were serving as inspectors, judges, referees, hosts and presenters. Team members were able to meet other students from across the country, as well as some of the college faculty of the area schools. Pretty cool. One of the other teams was even able to meet for some late night practices at the hotel Friday night.

The robot’s performance was solid, which was great fun. But with an autonomous loss here and a repeated signal connectivity issue there… we missed out on some of those potential wins. The high level competition did not leave any room for error, and we watched our ranking plummet to the middle of the pack.

While we did not come away with any trophies, we did get some great experience and some new ideas to try out for our upcoming State competition. Hope to be back for this fun event next year!

Cinco Ranch New Year Pow Wow VEX tournament

Event website here.

Six ausTIN CANs VEX teams planned to travel Killeen to compete in a tournament on 1/12/19. However, with a last minute cancellation of that venue, only one of our teams was able to switch gears and go compete in the Houston area instead. Many thanks to the tournament hosts and to our mentors for getting us registered so late!

2158K took their (newly redesigned) bot to Katy where we met the friendliest hosts on a beautiful and spacious campus. It was a pleasure to compete in such a setting, and we were happy to see some familiar faces there. Still, we missed having our fellow CANs there.

The tournament started off well and then… it proceeded to reveal some areas for improvement. All to be expected with a redesign, but still a little disappointing. (Did you know it is POSSIBLE to earn zero points in a quarterfinal???)

Team K did take home the Design Award which was well-earned. Congratulations!

Design Award: 2158K (Jake, Gretchen, and David)

Design Award: 2158K (Jake, Gretchen, and David)

FRC Deep Space Launch Date!

The ausTIN CANs team met Saturday January 5th to get started with FRC Build Season. While watching Dean Kamen on the big screen was fun, the highlight is getting our hands on that game information and starting to plan our strategy. We had some members travel to Dripping Springs to pick up sample game pieces. LOVING that yellow safety goggles poster, which is already hanging in the shop and is well coordinated with our team colors!

Let the planning begin!

Anderson VEX tournament Dec 8th

Excitement for this year’s VEX game, Turning Point, continues to build.

Anderson hosted 34 teams for a tournament on 12/8/18 and the cafeteria was buzzing with excitement. ALL of these teams demonstrated such graciousness and patience, as there were some significant delays due to technical difficulties in getting started. But, true to VEX creators’ way of thinking, solutions were imagined and carried out on the fly and the qualification matches were ON.

Congrats to our Tournament Champions; that was an exciting Final match!

The Skills field was a popular place to be, with some awesome scores achieved.

Murchison Hosts Austin VEX Tournament

December 1st, 2018 was the date for Turning Point tournament held at Murchison Middle School. CANs had a strong presence, both as competitors and as volunteers.

Congrats to some trophy winners; you will see them again at State level competition!

Tournament Champions: 2158A (“99.5% reliability”)

Design Award AND Robot Skills Champion: 2158R (“Rotisserie Chicken”)

(photos coming soon)

Night of the Robots Dec 2018

December 7th saw Anderson bustling with youthful enthusiasm as we hosted 60 elementary school students for a night of fun. The cold and wet thunderstorm raging outside was no match for the excitement inside the building. Friends enjoyed demonstrations, robot themed activities, and hanging out with the team over dinner and a movie. Stay tuned for news about our next event!

VEX teams to San Antonio November 2018

Several ausTIN CANs VEX teams made the drive down I-35 to compete in the East Central ISD Fall VRC Tournament- Turning Point held on November 10th, 2018.

Overall it was a good day for the CANs, with an all- Anderson Top Alliance partnership entering the final match. With a stalled drive and a worthy opponent, the CANs lost that match 18-24. While disappointed in not taking home the Championship trophy, the teams gained some valuable experience and also secured 2 awards:

2158X earned the Excellence Award and is now qualified to compete at State.

2158R earned the Design Award, which also qualifies for State (a double honor for them!)

Kudos to all the CANs and their parents who participated in a long day of travel excitement:







And, again, a shout out to our Mentors Mr. Wrencher and Robert for all your support!

The hosts were fantastic, and even put out a welcome sign.

The hosts were fantastic, and even put out a welcome sign.

Last minute troubleshooting

Last minute troubleshooting

Alliance partners in Quarterfinals

Alliance partners in Quarterfinals

Strategic planning

Strategic planning

Final Match!

Final Match!



Houston Maker Faire first VEX event of the year

First VEX tournament of the season in the books! 3 teams traveled to the Houston Maker Faire for a fun 2 day tournament October 13-14, 2018.

Congrats to 2158R (qualified for State by winning the Excellence Award; they also took home the Robot Skills Award), 2158K (Undefeated Tournament Champion), and 2158X (Alliance 2 Captain). All 3 teams did well in Skills (#1, #2, and #3 for the tournament!) and came home with a few new ideas for finessing their designs.

Many thanks to our Mentors for making the trip.

Those convention center hallways can be very long when you are carrying toolboxes!

Those convention center hallways can be very long when you are carrying toolboxes!

REC rep Luis was so enthusiastic about seeing those new V5 motors in action!

REC rep Luis was so enthusiastic about seeing those new V5 motors in action!

Legos and Drones and LEDs, oh my! Houston Maker Faire was an exciting venue.

Legos and Drones and LEDs, oh my! Houston Maker Faire was an exciting venue.

Point counting at the end of a match

Point counting at the end of a match

Team dinner following Day 1 of tournament

Team dinner following Day 1 of tournament

What do you do on the night between tournament days? Fine tuning and new programming, of course!

What do you do on the night between tournament days? Fine tuning and new programming, of course!

Nice match!

Nice match!

Robot Skills Winner: 2158R

Robot Skills Winner: 2158R

(Undefeated!) Tournament Champions 2158K with their alliance partners 1814D

(Undefeated!) Tournament Champions 2158K with their alliance partners 1814D

Excellence Award Winners: 2158R  This award was the only one of the tournament that qualified for State tournament in February. Great job, CANs!

Excellence Award Winners: 2158R

This award was the only one of the tournament that qualified for State tournament in February. Great job, CANs!

Texas Robotics Invitational 2018

Texas Robotics Invitational 2018

Trophy Time!!!

The ausTIN CANs took home a beautiful trophy as tournament champions at the 2018 TRI tournament hosted by Spectrum in Houston.

We were hosting a summer camp at our school the week of the tournament, so only 4 students could make the trip.  Skeleton Crew time!

The event started out with some frustration. The bot had some connection issues that resulted in some problems with moving for a few rounds of play. However, we got it operational again.

Jersey Voltage, 4587, was the Alliance #1 Captain. Together with the RoboWranglers (148) they had the wisdom to select us as their third Alliance partner. Angel Robotics (1339) was added as the fourth Alliance partner and we sailed to victory together. (They carried us.)

Team members (Jon, Mary, David, and Malik) did a great job of working beyond their typical skill sets to overcome some challenges found during the matches. Many thanks to Nathan, our Remote Programmer, who was able to talk us through some rough patches. And a shout out to our rotating team of Mentors who made the trip!

Austin Robot Roundup!

Today is a big day for us and all teams because we have 4 days left until Bag Day, and today is the Austin Robot Roundup! For those of you guys that are not familiar with ARR, it's an end-of-build-season practice event for teams in our region.

Before ARR, we had to set up the entire field at our Cafeteria. It was a lot of work, but many team members worked together to get it done!


And here's the final look of our field. Looks great, right?


This year, Lady Cans (2881), RoboWarriors (2583), and ViperBots Valor (6800) came.

Sadly, RoboWarriors aren't in this picture :(

Sadly, RoboWarriors aren't in this picture :(

Before we get into the details, take a sneak peek at our robot!


Teams are here, bring the robot in!

Since the competition season hasn't started yet and we are not quite finished with the robot, you're going to be seeing many colored blocks covering the robot. Sorry:(

Since the competition season hasn't started yet and we are not quite finished with the robot, you're going to be seeing many colored blocks covering the robot. Sorry:(

Even though it's a fun day at ARR, we can't stop working on the robot because we only have 4 days left until the Bag Day. Wait, but working on robots is fun!


A great thing about ARR is that we get to talk to other teams about our robot and also about their robots.


ViperBots Valor, Lady Cans, and RoboWarriors are all doing so well!

8 (1).png

Don't worry, we're doing great as well.

9 (1).png

Well, we hope to see everyone's fabulous robots at Hub City and Alamo Regionals. Good luck!


Day 29 of Power Up

Sorry for the large gap in between Day 18 and Day 29. Our team has been very busy due to essay submissions and crazy robot building :(


Last week, we finished our drive base and mounted a temporary lift from REV Robotics. Some team members stayed until 3 AM to get this done. Sounds like the hardest fun ever!

Big news! After finishing the drive base, we were able to get some driver practice


Another big news, with our Manufacturing Class, we completed the Switch and Scale! We're now  waiting for more driver practice and Austin Robot Round Up! (February 17)


Similar to last year, we are making our own wheels, which always requires a lot of work. But it's worth it!

DSC_0170 (2).JPG

Now that it is Week 5, we are getting more excited about Bag Day and competitions (Alamo and Hub City). We hope other teams are enjoying this great year as well!

Day 18 of Power Up

Welcome to Day 18 of Power Up!


The Chairman's team has started memorizing and practicing for their presentation, and they're looking forward to another great Chairman's presentation.


Busier than ever, the Manufacturing Department is still building parts, and they can't wait to start the assembly process!

And of course, the Electronics Team is always working to help with more prototypes and mechanisms!


Good news! This year we are working to create an amazing scouting app.


Programming and CAD are continuing their work, so don't forget about them!