Anderson High School will soon be the site of an important mission:

the HOSTING of an FRC District Event March 1st thru March 3rd, 2019.

Join us as we venture into DEEP SPACE with 36 teams in competition.

Many thanks to all our volunteers to make this happen!


We are also hosting the VEX Middle School State Championship event on March 9th!

Lots of volunteer opportunities, come out and support our community.

VEX season going strong!

Congrats to each of the VEX teams that have been building and competing this season. ausTIN CANs are testing, tuning, competing, reprogramming, scrapping and starting over from scratch on nearly a weekly basis. Some laughs, some frustrations, some trophies… sometimes all at once. Keep up the good work, teams! Check out our team calendar to see where to find us, and scroll through the blog to get more details on how each tournament goes.

Night of the Robots:

We’ve hosted one night of fun so far this year (12/7/18) for 61 youth, and it was great fun. Next opportunity will be April 26th!

FRC Update: Build Season is pushing hard with high hopes of being READY for Bag Day on 2/19/19.