Texas Robotics Invitational 2018

Texas Robotics Invitational 2018

Trophy Time!!!

The ausTIN CANs took home a beautiful trophy as tournament champions at the 2018 TRI tournament hosted by Spectrum in Houston.

We were hosting a summer camp at our school the week of the tournament, so only 4 students could make the trip.  Skeleton Crew time!

The event started out with some frustration. The bot had some connection issues that resulted in some problems with moving for a few rounds of play. However, we got it operational again.

Jersey Voltage, 4587, was the Alliance #1 Captain. Together with the RoboWranglers (148) they had the wisdom to select us as their third Alliance partner. Angel Robotics (1339) was added as the fourth Alliance partner and we sailed to victory together. (They carried us.)

Team members (Jon, Mary, David, and Malik) did a great job of working beyond their typical skill sets to overcome some challenges found during the matches. Many thanks to Nathan, our Remote Programmer, who was able to talk us through some rough patches. And a shout out to our rotating team of Mentors who made the trip!

Austin Robot Roundup!

Today is a big day for us and all teams because we have 4 days left until Bag Day, and today is the Austin Robot Roundup! For those of you guys that are not familiar with ARR, it's an end-of-build-season practice event for teams in our region.

Before ARR, we had to set up the entire field at our Cafeteria. It was a lot of work, but many team members worked together to get it done!


And here's the final look of our field. Looks great, right?


This year, Lady Cans (2881), RoboWarriors (2583), and ViperBots Valor (6800) came.

 Sadly, RoboWarriors aren't in this picture :(

Sadly, RoboWarriors aren't in this picture :(

Before we get into the details, take a sneak peek at our robot!


Teams are here, bring the robot in!

 Since the competition season hasn't started yet and we are not quite finished with the robot, you're going to be seeing many colored blocks covering the robot. Sorry:(

Since the competition season hasn't started yet and we are not quite finished with the robot, you're going to be seeing many colored blocks covering the robot. Sorry:(

Even though it's a fun day at ARR, we can't stop working on the robot because we only have 4 days left until the Bag Day. Wait, but working on robots is fun!


A great thing about ARR is that we get to talk to other teams about our robot and also about their robots.


ViperBots Valor, Lady Cans, and RoboWarriors are all doing so well!

8 (1).png

Don't worry, we're doing great as well.

9 (1).png

Well, we hope to see everyone's fabulous robots at Hub City and Alamo Regionals. Good luck!


Day 29 of Power Up

Sorry for the large gap in between Day 18 and Day 29. Our team has been very busy due to essay submissions and crazy robot building :(


Last week, we finished our drive base and mounted a temporary lift from REV Robotics. Some team members stayed until 3 AM to get this done. Sounds like the hardest fun ever!

Big news! After finishing the drive base, we were able to get some driver practice


Another big news, with our Manufacturing Class, we completed the Switch and Scale! We're now  waiting for more driver practice and Austin Robot Round Up! (February 17)


Similar to last year, we are making our own wheels, which always requires a lot of work. But it's worth it!

DSC_0170 (2).JPG

Now that it is Week 5, we are getting more excited about Bag Day and competitions (Alamo and Hub City). We hope other teams are enjoying this great year as well!

Day 18 of Power Up

Welcome to Day 18 of Power Up!


The Chairman's team has started memorizing and practicing for their presentation, and they're looking forward to another great Chairman's presentation.


Busier than ever, the Manufacturing Department is still building parts, and they can't wait to start the assembly process!

And of course, the Electronics Team is always working to help with more prototypes and mechanisms!


Good news! This year we are working to create an amazing scouting app.


Programming and CAD are continuing their work, so don't forget about them!

Howdy Qualifier & Expo

Last weekend, four of our team members have volunteered at Howdy Qualifier & Expo, at College Station!

 Four including the person who took this picture.

Four including the person who took this picture.


Greg and Elena were a judge assistance and queuers, and Leah and Cindy were Buddies and Reviewers for FLL Jr.


We also had chances to talk to many FLL teams about their robots!


In the end, it was amazing to help out at this huge FLL qualifier event!


It was our team's first time participating at FLL Jr. event, and it was fun to be a Buddy and a Reviewer.

We were tired from the long drive to College Station, but it was definitely worth it!

Day 8 of Power Up!

The Week 2 of build season has started! Things are going as we planned, because everyone's working and new things are being done everyday! We are already excited to go to competitions (Hub City 3/7 - 3/10 and Alamo 4/4 - 4/7) and meet other teams.


Continuing on from Thursday, we are manufacturing parts for the drive base.


And of course, this manufacturing process is possible because of the accurate CAD drawings.

Let's take a look at our busy machine shop!


And today, the Chairman's Team officially started working on the essay and presentation. Memorizing the JFK Speech was a good start, I guess.

Day 6 of FIRST Power Up

Welcome to Day 6 of FIRST Power Up! Today, we have a low attendance of mentors and students, but we are still working hard for the robot

Two very important groups that weren't mentioned in previous blogs are Programming and Marketing. They have been working in smaller groups compared to Prototyping Groups, but they're still getting so much done.


Hint: Amazing robot vision can be expected this year


And of course, prototypes were getting finsihed, achieving its job of approving the concept of mechanism.


The best part of the day - CNC machine! Usage of CNC machine at our ATC (Applied Technology Center) came very usefully when making robot parts. Last year, we CNCed the drive base wheels, which was something new and amazing for the team.


Day 3 of FIRST Power Up

Welcome to Day 3 of FIRST Power Up! Today, we continued on with cube intake and drivebase prototypes. Now that the Strategy Team has set our plans for the season,the prototype groups now have a set goal for the robot.


Before getting crazy with prototypes, it's important to stay organized during the long, but short six weeks of build season. At anytime, Karsyn always tries to keep the entire team organized.


Prototype Groups from Day 1 are now divided into several subgroups within mechanisms. This group is using the robot from 2015 FIRST Recycle Rush to do a cube intake prototype. Different parts are tried and added, data is collected and calculated!


The second cube intake group decided to use different parts and a different way to approach this game. More traction and guide to intake the cube!


The third group of cube intake efficiently used the laser cutter to prototype!

All three prototype groups are making an incredible amount of progress everyday.But between all this busy progress, the ausTIN CANs don't forget to:


help each other,


work with others,


and involve everyone!


2018 FIRST Power Up Kickoff!


The 2018 FIRST Power Up is finally released! We hope every team is excited to start another great season. For anyone who didn’t check it out yet, the game animation is linked below.

Today, 27 students and 9 mentors attended the kickoff and meeting! After reading the rules, the entire team gathered to decide the needs, wants and wishes about the general robot functions. This provided a detailed picture of what kind of robot we want to have on the field.


The NEEDS included: manipulating the cube, climbing, moving quickly, cubes on the switch, cubes into exchange station, cross the line during auto, and durability.

The WANTS included: cubes on the scale, configurable auto stage, slim design, video feed to driver station, pick up cubes from any position on the ground, auto-aligning climb, and position sensing.

The WISHES included: win a regional, side climb, variable climb height, scriptable auto, pick up cubes from the pyramid, and LEDs.


Then, we decided on 3 prototype groups, which were:

1) Everything (every function available to score) with front climb
2) Vault, Switch, Climb 

3) Everything with side climb.

In total, we were divided up into 5 groups:


CAD (currently for drivebase),




Prototype Group #1- Everything with front climb,


Prototype Group #2- Vault, Switch, and Climb,


and Prototype Group #3- Everything with side climb.

Our team is working harder than ever to get a solid idea on this year's robot. We are excited, energized, and ready! 

Fixed Ideas (Accomplishments):

1. Dimensions of the robot

2. General mechanism ideas for the cubes and climbing

Reminder: We are attending the Hub City (3/7- 3/10) and Alamo Regional (4/4- 4/7). See the Calendar for more information.

ausTIN CANs host VEX tournament

Anderson High School students and parents hosted a successful VEX tournament on Saturday, October 28th. It was a great opportunity for teams to come together so early in the season to compete with other area teams. A total of 28 teams were in attendance, and smiles were prevalent even as bots were breaking down. (More data for analysis!)

Congratulations to the e-lime-n-ators, Team # 59990Z from Boerne, TX, for having such a capable robot and such gracious team members! They cleaned up on awards: Tournament Champs, Excellence Award, AND Robot Skills winner!!! Joining them for a winning alliance were College Station High School teams 8332A and 83973A. Good luck to all 3 of you at the State competition in February!

Many thanks to all the volunteers who answered the call and helped our event run smoothly. We could not have done it without you!

#InTheZone #OMGrobots

Community Outreach 9/23/17 - 9/24/17

Members of the ausTIN CANs teams participated in community outreach programs the weekend of September 23-24, 2017 in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America. One group presented to a Scout STEM camp in Bastrop and discussed Lego Mindstorms robotics. Another group took FRC and VEX robots to a Cub Scout Pack meeting in our area to promote general STEM awareness and participation with the next generation of CANs. It was great to see some excitement generated in the field of engineering.

October 18, 2017

Community Outreach 10/6/17

ausTIN CANs invited K-5th graders to our school and introduced them to STEM and robotics in our Night of Robots

Community Outreach 10/12/17

ausTIN CANs brought VEX robots to the courtyard of Summit Elementary to promote STEM and robotics to the 2nd and 3rd graders.

Community Outreach 10/17/17

ausTIN CANs brought VEX robots to the courtyard of Hill Elementary to promote STEM and robotics to the 5th graders.