We have many mentors in our community that we are thankful of!

AISD Teacher Mentors:

Robert Vickery, Kirk Rich, Vincent Wrencher and Dr. Edward Hernandez are teachers at Anderson High School as well as team mentors for the ausTIN CANs.

Community Volunteer Mentors:

Isaac Kravitz, Robert Stephany, John Otken, Alex Drane, Henry Farley, Jess Jankowitsch, Jessica Snider, Joe Perch, Joseph Ton Ngo, Michael Freid, David Freid, Mark Crawford, Nanor Asadourian, Matt Cassell,  Bob Rodger and Russell 


Robert Vickery


Mr. Vickery grew up in Austin and have always had a passion for math and science. These passions lead him to majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. As a big sports fan and he is proud to say UT won the national championship in football his freshman year. After graduating from UT he worked for a Japanese engineering firm designing test equipment for the semiconductor industry. After doing that for a little bit he decided to become a teacher, he has now teaches physics and helps mentor the robotics team.





Isaac Kravitz

FRC, Lead Marketing/Business Mentor

Isaac currently is an undergraduate student and staff at UT. He is a Reactor Operator at a federally licensed Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory and is also a student for Nuclear Robotics and Nuclear Engineering at UT. He even went to Anderson High School and joined the robotics team as a freshman in 2009 and qualified for the 2011 VEX World Championship.



Edward Hernandez

Mr. Hernandez the new Technology Education Teacher at Anderson High School and Co-Sponsor of the ausTIN CANs Robotics Team. This his 5th year as a mentor. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and an MS and PhD in Robotics from UT Austin and has over 30 years of engineering experience including optical product development at 3M and custom test software and hardware engineering for various companies in the area. He also won the Technical Circle of Excellence Award for the 3M Optical Components Group and hold several patents. For his first 4 years as mentor, he had the pleasure to share that time with his son, John, who just graduated last year. His daughter also graduated from Anderson HS and his wife, Rozella, has been active on the board of the ausTIN CANs Supporters for over 4 years.


Vincent Wrencher Sr.

Vincent teaches Computer Science at Anderson High School.  This is his fifth year as a mentor for both of our robotics programs, VEX and FRC.  He holds a JD in Law, BA in Math and BS in Mechanical Engineering.  Prior to joining Anderson, Vincent worked 20 year various industries as a mechanical engineer.

Nanor Asadourian, University of Texas

Matt Carroll, Texas Tech

Mark Crawford, Oracle

Alex Drane, NI

Henry Farley, NI

David Freid,

Michael Freid, East Side Pies 

Jess Jankowitsch, FIRST

John Otken, retired

Joe Perch, Silicon Labs

Dr. Bob Rogers, University of Texas

Jessica Snider, Boy Scouts of America

Robert Stephany, University of Texas

Russell Stanphill, retired

Joseph Ton Ngo, Hackerspace