We have many mentors in our community that we are thankful for!


Austin ISD Teacher Mentors:


Vincent Wrencher Sr.

Vincent teaches Computer Science at Anderson High School.  This is his fifth year as a mentor for both of our robotics programs, VEX and FRC.  He holds a JD in Law, BA in Math and BS in Mechanical Engineering.  Prior to joining Anderson, Vincent worked 20 years in various industries as a mechanical engineer.

Kirk Rich

Austin ISD and Flex

Mario Moreno



COMMUNITY and industry mENTORS

Jessica Snider, Boy Scouts of America

Corina Zepeda, Boy Scouts of America

Jess Jankowitsch, FIRST

Alex Drane, Lead Programming Mentor

Nanor Asadourian, University of Texas

Dr. Bob Rogers, University of Texas

Robert Stephany, University of Texas

Jennifer Easter, Website Mentor

Joe Ngo, ATX Hackerspace

Robert Stephens, IBM 

Sailesh Kadam

Brandon Nguyen

Adam Vander Pas