Day 29 of Power Up

Sorry for the large gap in between Day 18 and Day 29. Our team has been very busy due to essay submissions and crazy robot building :(


Last week, we finished our drive base and mounted a temporary lift from REV Robotics. Some team members stayed until 3 AM to get this done. Sounds like the hardest fun ever!

Big news! After finishing the drive base, we were able to get some driver practice


Another big news, with our Manufacturing Class, we completed the Switch and Scale! We're now  waiting for more driver practice and Austin Robot Round Up! (February 17)


Similar to last year, we are making our own wheels, which always requires a lot of work. But it's worth it!

DSC_0170 (2).JPG

Now that it is Week 5, we are getting more excited about Bag Day and competitions (Alamo and Hub City). We hope other teams are enjoying this great year as well!