TRI Summer Fun!

The CANs were honored to be invited to the Texas Robotics Invitational, the off-season event hosted by Spectrum, in June. It was a whirlwind trip that ended in sweet victory.

You know those times that the 8th seed Alliance wins over the 1st seed in quarterfinals? What? You’ve never seen it happen? WELL, IT DID!!!

We were partnered with Team Appreciate (2468) and Lights Out (323), and we had the Steel Talons (5427) on deck as our emergency assist bot. With the amount of aggressive driving that ensued, we were shocked that we didn’t need to call them into service!

As always, Spectrum put on a heck of a party. We had a blast and hope to return next year for more fun. Thanks again! Check out their photo gallery here and see for yourself!