Texas Robotics Invitational 2018

Texas Robotics Invitational 2018

Trophy Time!!!

The ausTIN CANs took home a beautiful trophy as tournament champions at the 2018 TRI tournament hosted by Spectrum in Houston.

We were hosting a summer camp at our school the week of the tournament, so only 4 students could make the trip.  Skeleton Crew time!

The event started out with some frustration. The bot had some connection issues that resulted in some problems with moving for a few rounds of play. However, we got it operational again.

Jersey Voltage, 4587, was the Alliance #1 Captain. Together with the RoboWranglers (148) they had the wisdom to select us as their third Alliance partner. Angel Robotics (1339) was added as the fourth Alliance partner and we sailed to victory together. (They carried us.)

Team members (Jon, Mary, David, and Malik) did a great job of working beyond their typical skill sets to overcome some challenges found during the matches. Many thanks to Nathan, our Remote Programmer, who was able to talk us through some rough patches. And a shout out to our rotating team of Mentors who made the trip!