2018 FIRST Power Up Kickoff!


The 2018 FIRST Power Up is finally released! We hope every team is excited to start another great season. For anyone who didn’t check it out yet, the game animation is linked below.

Today, 27 students and 9 mentors attended the kickoff and meeting! After reading the rules, the entire team gathered to decide the needs, wants and wishes about the general robot functions. This provided a detailed picture of what kind of robot we want to have on the field.


The NEEDS included: manipulating the cube, climbing, moving quickly, cubes on the switch, cubes into exchange station, cross the line during auto, and durability.

The WANTS included: cubes on the scale, configurable auto stage, slim design, video feed to driver station, pick up cubes from any position on the ground, auto-aligning climb, and position sensing.

The WISHES included: win a regional, side climb, variable climb height, scriptable auto, pick up cubes from the pyramid, and LEDs.


Then, we decided on 3 prototype groups, which were:

1) Everything (every function available to score) with front climb
2) Vault, Switch, Climb 

3) Everything with side climb.

In total, we were divided up into 5 groups:


CAD (currently for drivebase),




Prototype Group #1- Everything with front climb,


Prototype Group #2- Vault, Switch, and Climb,


and Prototype Group #3- Everything with side climb.

Our team is working harder than ever to get a solid idea on this year's robot. We are excited, energized, and ready! 

Fixed Ideas (Accomplishments):

1. Dimensions of the robot

2. General mechanism ideas for the cubes and climbing

Reminder: We are attending the Hub City (3/7- 3/10) and Alamo Regional (4/4- 4/7). See the Calendar for more information.