Day 3 of FIRST Power Up

Welcome to Day 3 of FIRST Power Up! Today, we continued on with cube intake and drivebase prototypes. Now that the Strategy Team has set our plans for the season,the prototype groups now have a set goal for the robot.


Before getting crazy with prototypes, it's important to stay organized during the long, but short six weeks of build season. At anytime, Karsyn always tries to keep the entire team organized.


Prototype Groups from Day 1 are now divided into several subgroups within mechanisms. This group is using the robot from 2015 FIRST Recycle Rush to do a cube intake prototype. Different parts are tried and added, data is collected and calculated!


The second cube intake group decided to use different parts and a different way to approach this game. More traction and guide to intake the cube!


The third group of cube intake efficiently used the laser cutter to prototype!

All three prototype groups are making an incredible amount of progress everyday.But between all this busy progress, the ausTIN CANs don't forget to:


help each other,


work with others,


and involve everyone!